Welcome to the Listening Project

The listening project is where someone in your community offers the gift of listening for 15 minutes to someone each week. All you need to do see if there is a listener in your location and book a time below.

Why the listening project

There is something transformative about getting something out in the open, talking to someone who listens and does not judge. The listening project aims to show that this transformation can happen in as little as 15 minutes and can be life changing. We share this transformation by taking an optional photo of each talker immediately before and immediately after a session and invite the talker to reflect and comment on the 15 minute session one month, then a year after the session.

The listening project is a great place to talk about an intention, an idea, a frustration or a road block that has been building up inside you.

How it Works

We agree to meet in a public space

We greet, exchange our names and the listener takes an optional photo of your face for our listening gallery

The listener invites you to start

You have 15 minutes to talk and the listener will listen

The golden rule: The listener is engaged though does not comment to the talker

We say our goodbyes and the listener takes another optional photo of your face for our listening gallery

Everything that is said is said in confidence - The Chatham House Rule applies

 A timer will be clearly visible at all times to note how much time is remaining

Pay it Forward - Join the listening project community as a listener


THe Talker

The talker speaks about anything that is within them to speak about. The intent is that the talker brings something that needs to be talked about. The closer to purpose, the more the talker may take away from their time with the Listening Project.

The Listener

The listener does just that - listen.

The listener will take two photos of you - prior to, and the end of your talking for uploading to our photo gallery. Everything said is received with respect.