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Get on with making life simple.​


At new-claritwe believe that every challenge you bring to the table is unique and deserves our special attention. What you bring is taking up your valuable time and you need a quick resolution. This is where we can help. Our core operating model revolves around providing you with insight by telling the story of your problem, describng a direction to pursue and setting a course for growth. ​​We believe this approach is essential to grow Smarter Organisations so you can get on with making life simple.

We consult at Board and Executive level on issues such as: assurance, financial sustainability, organisational transformation, performance, portfolios, information management and collaborative leadership. Our On-Track tool takes our holistic approach to consulting and applies it across an organisation to determine and plan for innate resilience.​ Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Our consultants provide services across 5 broad service categories – V​isioning, Assurance, Transformation, Modeling and Governance.

Our ​services

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​Visioning       .       Assurance       .       Transformation       .       Modeling      .​       Governance

We are in the business of improving certainty. We solve transformation challenges, provide effective governance and executive advisory services. We have a strong track record of building capability across organisational cultures to deliver effective outcomes in times of crisis.

We’ve led engagements reviewing highly visible programmes across the private and public sectors. We have also driven a number of Government, Healthcare, Education, Not for Profit and Commercial improvement initiatives. We have solid consulting experience in normal operating modes, crises and emergencies.



At times you need an independent view of your world. We bring new clarity by combining our proven investigative models with experience and perceptive ability. We unpack your frustration, giving it a healthy dose of attention before feeding back the good and the bad alongside what needs to change.

Your problems solved fast. We are masters of strategic thinking, idea generation, relationship definition and intuitive perception. Our focus is the quick resolution of your individual problem. We know how to peel back the layers to get to the core of your problem. We uncover what is really going on. Our comfort is removing your discomfort so you are empowered to change your world.



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  Set the Direction​​  |  Identify Markers | Test the Relevance | Check Progress | Re-Group regularly


You have already set the destination. Heading off on the journey is exciting. Finding the right direction can be challenging.

We walk the road less travelled with clients like you every day. Our team of direction finders helps you identify the correct markers to keep you heading in the right direction. The heart of this approach is the development of long, strong relationships with your talent, suppliers, customers and competitors.
We map out the road to your destination with you. Sometimes the direction needs to change so we build in pit stops along the way to take stock, tune up and re-fuel.​​


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What to Grow | Sustaining Growth | Supporting Growth | Nourishing Growth | Growing Pains

We identify what you need to nourish your growth. Enabling you to grow your business sustainably with healthy returns.
Growing business is fun, challenging, uncomfortable and exciting. We know what works: the phenomenal growth that comes from directed hard work that leads to significant rewards.

We challenge where others don’t. Our commitment is to targeted growth. We identify the right goals and constructs to deliver the results you expect. We sharpen your focus. We value the voice of both your talent and your customers.​

Our risk reduced approach to growth considers the impact on your organisation, people, processes and tools.

Our Tools

On-track The product that owners and leaders like you use to benchmark their organisations. on-track helps you find the gaps, identify how to fill the gaps and brings the right resources to get the results you need. Use on-track as an audit tool, as a business alignment benchmark or, utilise our trusted associates to help you achieve results faster. Read about our on-track offering here.
Decision-makeWe have developed proven tools and techniques that help you build strong, effective decision support. Our efficient five step approach focuses you and your team on making informed decisions. Decision-maker can be used cyclically to test goals, value returns and measure sustainability: freeing you up to focus on innovation and talent development.
Step-up Sets you up to succeed by focusing you on achieving results. Build a platform to step-up by setting a focus, building momentum and fostering good relationships. Step-up can be used equally as an organisation,  leadership, or relationship development framework to increase competency by building a path to tangible results.