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"There is something magical about play. Play is where we find insight, where social norms break down and the important things are opened up. Play shows a direction that gives life to new things."


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Leadership in a passionate organisation.


Taking a pivotal leadership role in an unpredictable and emotional organisation was a challenging ask. The first and most enduring thing to do here was to listen. After doing this, and upon reflection - it was clear that there was a strong, aligned love of community that was not being shared.

A culture of community story telling was developed as an avenue to uncover this shared love. This, aligned with a search for excellence, consistent messaging, hiring from within and a no surprises approach helped the whole organisation rediscover their love of community. The organisation is now expanding its reach and positioning itself as a respected authority in its field.

The key to moving from a community holding exclusive next step meetings off site in May to an aligned community who came together for their largest ever Christmas celebration in December was listening, reflecting, uncovering, then guiding this love of community and passion.


Walking a mile in people's shoes.


It takes a brave organisation to admit that they just do not know what is going on in a critical area of their operations. It takes an even braver one to ask a consultant to investigate and bring any opportunities and challenges to the surface.

Building, then gaining individual and organisational trust was the turning point for this engagement. The effort put into creating safe spaces for listening to people in individual and group settings created the opportunity to walk a mile in their shoes.

These conversations and discoveries set the base for uncovering the collective wisdom that existed internally. By doing this the people in the organisation ultimately surfaced the opportunities, challenges and their own way forward.


Shining light on the road less travelled.


This company was itching to do something different in its field and needed someone to help work out what that something was. The CEO felt a need to follow the crowd.

Through a series of facilitated strategic workshops the CEO discovered that by far the biggest opportunity for the company was to continue the path it is on. Remaining on the road less travelled, providing a differentiated offering and service - ultimately remaining unique and engaging.

This was an illuminating discovery that refocused the energy of the company away from what everyone else is doing towards opening new possibilities. Work is now based on building on the company strengths and playing within its uniqueness.